Tailored Gourmet also provides tailor-made solutions for the luxury yachting sector that have been adapted to suit special crew needs.

Thanks to our location and reliable team, we can respond to any request within 24 hours. Whether it’s taking on supplies for a voyage or resupplying dockside or at anchor, our team is always on hand to satisfy your needs.

Through our network of regional partners, we can offer you the highest fresh product quality, such as fruits and vegetables, locally-caught fresh fish and cheeses from the immediate hinterland. We can also source product that is typical to your home region, the finest wines, champagnes, liquors and cigars.

All your daily requirements are at your fingertips. We are also glad to help with any specific shopping needs.
Thanks to our considerable experience in deluxe event catering, Tailored Gourmet can organize the catering for on-board events such as receptions, cocktail buffets, dinners and corporate events, including the required logistics.

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